Wall Of Flames


We all like to know who is the best. Here is where you will find the locations and directions in Shillatown for the Wall of Flames and Wall of the Hardcore.

Keeping Score

One way that characters are compared in Shilla: Redemption is by their Wall Score. This score is the sum of all six stats, i.e. Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Wisdom, Intelligence, and Charisma. Since most characters use physical attacks the first three quickly become more expensive to raise using hard won experience. It becomes increasingly tempting to raise a characters "mana" stats, i.e. Wisdom, Intelligence, and Charisma. Doing so to gain a quick jump in wall score is known as being a "mana whore" and players who do so will be teased mercilessly by Annwynn. There are legitimate reason to raise these stats though, so do not let Annwynn ruin your fun.

Class and Chat Color

Class and Wall Score Chart
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As you progress through the game your wall score will increase. As you wall score increases your character's "class" will change. There are currently only two benefits of reaching certain character class. The first is cosmetic. When you post something in chat your character's name is based on your current class. The second benefit is hardly used anymore… additional chat room choices. These "themed" chatrooms were created as a novelty and even in the Glory Days of Shilla were not often used. Most times people post a message when they are able to access a new chatroom and conversations can go on for months, and even years, for some of the more advanced class' chatrooms. Click HERE for a look at some old "Chatroom Rules"

The Walls Themselves

MT has seen fit to create two different ways of playing Shilla: Redemption. The difference between them is what happens to your character when they die.

If you choose to play a regular character then death simply results in a resetting of your character. You lose all on hand experience, gold, and equipment. You also find yourself teleported back to the Fountain. These character's Wall Scores can be found at the Wall of Flames.

If you are truly daring you can play a hardcore character. There are no known benefits for being hardcore, and for these characters death is permanent. These courageous characters have their own Wall of Flames, known as the Wall of the Hardcore.

The Archives

I'll be taking screenshots of both Walls from time to time and posting them to the wiki. Below you will find links to those screenshots.

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