Vast Valley


Welcome to the Vast Valley! Here you will find some Peezza, an armor upgrade, and a chance to use your Self/Minor Teleport Spell. The entrance can be found on the east side of the Outskirts, requiring an Intelligence of 54, 60, or 66, depending on race, to enter.


Two creatures call the Vast Valley home. They are the Drunken Monk and the Old Wizard. Click HERE to see their stats. The Drunken Monks drop the food, Peezza, while the Old Wizard drops the armor Shimmering Cloak. Put the first one you get on, and sell the rest for 45 gold each.


Vast Valley
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Training here can be difficult due to the lower rate of food drops as compared to the Sewers or Beach. There are a few solutions to this dilemma.

  1. Buy Food - Its a solution, just not the best choice in my opinion. Click HERE to see the food price matrix page.
  2. Over-Train the Sewers - You can continue to train in the Sewers until you are nearly 1-rounding the Vast Valley. This will keep you from using food to heal and therefore only using it to restore fatigue. You will probably have stocked-piled a lot of Whey Bread by doing this solution as well.
  3. Target Only the Monks - This solution is more time consuming, since you have to think about what creature to hit and not hit, but it does save your fatigue for only the food dropping Drunken Monk.
  4. Beam Me Up, Scotty - I believe this solution is the one of the reasons that the food drop rate is so low. Raise your Wisdom to 100, spend 212000 experience at the Scroll Training Shop, and get your Mana up to 300 so that you can teleport in and out of the Vast Valley. Now you can save all the food you gather. Why 300 Mana when the Vast Valley teleport destination only requires 200 Mana? Do you want to walk back? Teleporting back to the Fountain will cost you another 100 mana. You can either eat a couple slices of Peezza to make up the difference, or train some Wisdom, Intelligence, or Charisma.

Moving on to the Cemetery

Having the Cemetery Teleport Destination will make your life a lot easier, so that is probably your first goal. You'll need more grope and attacks as well. At around 150 Strength, 200 Dexterity, and 150 Constitution I was 1-rounding the Cemetery at a decent percentage. Having a Gleaming Short Sword before heading to the Cemetery is probably wise as well.

Random Thoughts

With 100 Strength, 140 Dexterity, and 100 Constitution I was able to keep training in the Vast Valley on only the dropped food. This means that I was getting hit very rarely, like 1 out of 300 creatures. Even then the food drop rate isn't enough to create a stockpile of any kind unless you use one of the methods in the Training Section. Believe it or not the Cemetery is worse.

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