Top Bar Menu

The Top Bar Menus is actually a series of drop down menus that cover a wide range of information. Each of the words that you see is a general category. Here is a quick explanation about each of these categories.

  1. Beastinary - Information about all the creatures of Shilla: Redemption, grouped alphabetically or by area.
  2. Maps - If you're just looking for a map then it is here you will find pages of maps grouped alphabetically. A world map can also be found here.
  3. Villages - Information about Shillatown and the rest of the Race Villages.
  4. Areas - Here you will find all the areas of Shilla: Redemption grouped into alphabetical lists.
  5. Food/Items - Information about all the foods and other items that don't fall into the Equipment or Accessories categories. Information about those places and people who are a source for these foods/items are also found here.
  6. Accessories - Information about all the Rings, Amulets, Bracelets, and the various places and people the associate with these items.
  7. Equipment - Information about all the weapons, armor, and various places and people that are involved with these two important facets of Shilla: Redemption.

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