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Spells and skills add abilities to the character. Currently only spells have developed in Shilla: Redemption.


Presently there are four spells available for characters, a spell to teleport your character to various locations within the world of Redemption, and three attack spells to smite your enemies. All have different requirements and cost mana to use.

Obtaining Spells

Spells, in the form of a scroll, are purchased at the Scroll Shop. A wisdom requirement must be met before a character can purchase the "scroll" using gold. It is not an item that you pack around or equip to use. Purchasing adds the ability to the character. Spells cost does not change with amount of the character's charisma.

Training Spells

Spells become more powerful by increasing their level. Southwest of the Scroll Shop is the location where a character can increase the level of the spell: Scroll Training Shop. Each level of a spell has a wisdom requirement and a experience cost. Both must be met before the spell can be increased in level.

Using Spells

Once you have purchased a scroll or trained a spell it becomes usable by clicking "Spells" in the Menu Window. This give you access, even during combat, to all your spells. Each spell has a mana cost that increase as the spell's level increases. Nothing known seems to decrease the amount of mana a spell requires to be used.

Attack spells cause damage similar to weapons with each successful hit. A character's intelligence adds attacks as well as damage. Wisdom adds to damage as well. Race buffs can also increase a spell's damage.

Spell List

Minor Teleportation

This spell currently has three levels of trainability. Each level opens an additional teleportation destination.

Level Destination Mana Cost Wis Required Gold Cost Exp Cost
1 Fountain 100 100 n/a
2 Cemetery Entrance 200 170 n/a 20000
3 Drakmor Castle Entrance 250 ? n/a ?

Lesser Fire

The cheapest and weakest of the attack spells.

Level Mana Cost/Attack Wis Required Gold Cost Exp Cost Avg Dmg Dmg Range
1 1 30 5 n/a XX XX to XX
2 1 49 n/a 48000 XX XX to XX
3 ? 81 n/a 144000 XX XX to XX

Cold Touch

A more powerful attack spell than Lesser Fire.

Level Mana Cost/Attack Wis Required Gold Cost Exp Cost Avg Dmg Dmg Range
1 <1 100 200 n/a XX XX to XX
2 ? 132 n/a 12600 XX XX to XX


A more powerful attack spell than Cold Touch (I would imagine.)

Level Mana Cost/Attack Wis Required Gold Cost Exp Cost Avg Dmg Dmg Range
? ? ? ? ? XX XX to XX


There are currently no skills available to obtain.

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