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The side bar menu, like the top bar menu, is a wealth of links and information. While the top bar menu is devoted to individual items, equipment, creatures and areas, the side bar menu has information on such things as spells/skills, the various guides that will be created, and links to other facets of Shilla: Redemption. Because of the height of the side bar menu I have split it into two parts. Beside each picture is a legend giving you a brief explication for each of the number links.

  1. Welcome Page - Takes you back to wiki's start or welcome page.
  2. News from the Staff - A page of the archived news/updates to the wiki.
  3. Quick Start Guide - This page contains a mini guide to get you started playing Shilla: Redemption as quickly as possible.
  4. HELP! - Takes you to the previous page for those who need help with the wiki's layout.
  5. Guides - A sorted list with explanations for the various guides that will be created by those people who write them.
  6. Race Information - This page contains information about the various races of Shilla: Redemption.
  7. Quests - Takes you to a page with links for all the quests that are available in Shilla: Redemption.
  8. Spells/Skills - A page with information about the various spells and skills available in Shilla: Redemption.
  9. Guilds - Contains a page with information about the guilds of Shilla: Redemption, both the main guilds and the weapon specialty guilds.
  10. Wall of Flame Archives - Takes you to a page with the archived screen shots of Shilla: Redemption's Wall of Flames that will be taken from time to time.
  11. Shilla History - This page contains a short history of the previous versions of Shilla, as well as, a complete history of the updates to Shilla: Redemptions.
  12. Shilla Related Links - A page of links to the other websites that have something to do with Shilla, both old or new.
  1. Helpsite Forum - This link will take you to the Forum where information is gathered, questions are answered, and discussions are taken place on the various aspects of Shilla: Redemption.
  2. Recent Posts to the Forum- This page contains the latest posts to any thread in the Forum. They are listed in chronological order.
  3. Cbox Chatroom - A Chat service that will act as a backup to the chat in Shilla: Redemption. This was something we could have used during the last days of Old Shilla.
  4. Join the Wiki Team - Here you will find how to join the wiki team if you believe you have something to contribute. Don't be daunted. It isn't nearly as hard as it looks.
  5. Administration - All the stuff the admin team needs to make this sight run smoothly.
  6. Larger Page Tag Ball - This will take you to a page with a larger version of the spinning tag ball. Little easier on the eyes for those who are older like me.
  7. Smaller Page Tag Ball - A smaller version of the last link for those who have younger eyes. Still fun to play with though.

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