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The Sewers is the third area in difficulty, coming after the Outskirts. Your character will need 54, 60, or 66 Strength to enter, depending on race. The entrance to the Sewers is located in Shillatown, 5 east and 1 south of the Fountain. This area contains the first weapon upgrade, the Warrior Throwing Knives, which are dropped by the Warrior. The Warrior also drop Whey Bread.


Only 2 creatures reside here. The aforementioned Warrior, and the Sewer Rat. Click HERE to see the stats on these beasties.


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The Sewers
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You will likely spend considerable time here training. Note AA is probably going to write this as he experienced this more recently then I have, but I do remember a few million exp was needed to get out. Once you get the Warrior Throwing Knives, I had 6 attacks then I think with a knife, it becomes real easy to 1-round and get moving. I'd say you'd need 3 or so attacks and some Strength and Constitution, but like I said, it has been awhile since I have trained in the Sewers.

AA here… Training does get tremendously easier after upgrading from the knife to the Warrior Throwing Knives. Either tough it out until you get a Warrior to drop one, or have someone higher up get one to drop for you. There are plenty of people in chat who would be willing to do so. Ask nicely, don't beg. Those Warriors can smack you pretty hard so make sure you heal every time you get hit.

When to move on to the Vast Valley

You need 72, 80, or 88 Intelligence to see the Vast Valley entrance, so that would be your 1st goal. I'm pretty sure I had 7 or 8 attacks worth of Dexterity, with Strength and Constitution being not to terribly far behind, but again, don't take my word for it.

Bp is correct in his recollections. At 80 Strength, 120 Dexterity, and 80 Constitution I was 1-rounding the Vast Valley about 75% of the time. See the Random Thoughts below.

Random Thoughts

Whey bread seems to be a pretty frequent drop. I'd pick every last bit of it up and hold on to it for as long as you can. Don't sell it, as the money you get from selling, will likely go right back to the food shop(and then some). The next areas for training have very low ratios for drops and so by preserving your rations, you can save some all important money for your future Lightening Rings.

Excellent Random Thoughts by Bp. Food will become harder to find once you get into the Vast Valley, harder in the Cemetery, and harder still in the Crypt. There is no such thing as over-training an area. I would suggest getting your burden to nearly 100% with stocked up Whey Bread before heading to the Vast Valley. You'll probably thank me later.

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