Rings are stat and ability enhancing items that are accessed via the Jewelry link in the Menu Window. A character can wear two rings at a time.

Currently there are three rings available for purchase in the Jewelry Shop in Shillatown. Below is a table with stat and possible ability information. "Shop" will take you to the table below that will show the price matrix for sold amulets. Clicking 'Drop" will take you to the associated creature page.
price matrix

Ring Information

Name Bonuses Additional Abilities* Where? Sell Value
Glowing Ring +5 Str Nightvision Shop 250
Ring of Bone +25 Int, +7 Wis None Shop ?
Lightening Ring +20 Dex Nightvision Shop 14000
Nightmist Ring +90 Con, +60 Chr Unknown Drop ?

*unconfirmed whether the rings still add nighvision

Ring Price Matrix

Name to 50 100 125 150 175 200
Glowing Ring 500 489 483 478 475 467
Ring of Bone 3500 3423 3385 3347 3309 3271
Lightening Ring 28000 27391 27086 26782 26478 26173
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