Quick Start Guide


The objective of this specialized guide is to give the new player a rough outline of the first steps taken in Shilla: Redemption. For other, more detailed, guides go HERE.


Welcome to Shilla: Redemption! You start at the Fountain without armor or weapon. Clicking HERE will give you info about Shillatown, including a link to a map. You won’t need it to find your first destination, The Mayor of Shillatown. Just go east, north, then east by clicking on the directional links on the main screen. The Mayor will give you your first quest, Clothe Thyself.

Need Help Already?

If you find yourself with questions, it’s not surprising. Coming to the wiki was a good step towards answering them. Shilla: Redemption and the previous versions of the game, have always prided themselves on a helpful, friendly community. Just type your questions into the text box at the bottom of the chat screen. Someone will get back to you by the next refresh.

Getting Paid to Explore Shillatown

By the end of the first three Quests you will gain a knife from the Weapon Shop owner, a suit of Beach Armor, 200 gold, and 10,000 experience (plus whatever gold and experience gained from killing Crabs on the Beach. Complete these quests will also gain you access to the second training area, the Outskirts. As per the Mayor’s instructions, head west, then south four times, west again, south two more times, east, and south will bring you to the South Gate.

The Beach

Your first trip to the Beach will be to collect the seven pieces of Beach Armor. On your way down to the beach stop at the South Gate and click on the “Can I have some food, Mr. Guard” link. This will give you 10 Crab Legs. This only works if you currently have no food. But you can go back to this Town Guard as many times as you like. Once you start seriously training on the Beach you will quickly collect a surplus of Crab Legs. They do sell for up to 5 gold, depending on your charisma. Any extra armor you find can also be sold, but will quickly burden you. You won’t be able to sell either food or armor until you complete all the Exploring Shillatown Quests.

Using Experience

experience is what a character uses to increase their stats, increasing them so that more attacks are gained, your hits do more damage, the character can use spells, has more fatigue, etc. Go to the Training Center to trade experience for higher stats. From the Fountain the Training Center is located east four times, south, then west.


Once you have completed the exploring quests continue training on the Beach until you are strong enough to survive the Outskirt creatures. This can be accomplished through a combination of getting a better weapon than your knife and improving your stats by collecting experience. The goal is to be able to 1-Round every creature in a particular area. This is the most efficient form of training.


You will continue to train, checking to see if you are strong enough to 1-Round the next harder area’s creature. Putting your hard earned gold in the Bank will keep you from losing it if you die. You may be able to get some weapons from creature drops, depending on who is online at the time. Ask in chat. This quick guide isn’t a walkthrough, just something to help you get started.


When I see a question in chat I'll post it here along with my best answer. If you see a question send it to me and I'll post it along with your answer. Giving you full credit, of course.

Q: What do all my stats do?

A: Strength allows you to carry more items. It increases damage per attack along with Constitution. Strength also raises your life. Dexterity allows you to have more attacks. You start with 1 attack, get 2 at 10 Dexterity, and every 20 after that is another attack. Raising this stat also increases your Life and Fatigue. Constitution increases damage power alongside Strength. Raising this also increases your Life and Fatigue. Wisdom allows you to use spells such as a teleportation spell. This also raises your Mana, and Fatigue. Intelligence allows you to see more advanced areas of Shilla. Raising this also increases your Mana. Finally, Charisma will decrease the amount items cost at shops. Raising this will also increase your Mana.

Note as the game progresses, these stats may evolve in other ways as well.

Q: Where do I get a weapon?

A: You'll get a knife from the Weapon Shop owner when you complete the first Exploring Shillatown quest. After that you can pick up weapons that are dropped by creatures or buy them from the Weapon Shop.

Q: How long do I have to fight in beach till I can fight better monsters?

A: When you are strong enough, i.e. enough life to avoid dying and enough attacks to kill the creatures then you can move on. You also have to have finished all the Exploring Shillatown Quests and the Kill a King Crab quest.

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