General Information

The Outskirts follows the Beach in difficulty. It does not have any stat requirements to enter, but a character must have completed all of the first four Quests. These include Clothe Thyself, Exploring Shillatown Part 1, Exploring Shillatown Part 2, and Kill a King Crab. Only then will the Town Guard at the North Gate let you pass.

Four areas can be reached by passing through the Outskirts. To the west is Druid Valley. To the north and west is the Cemetery. To the north and east is the Mountain, if you defeat the Park Ranger, and to the east is the Vast Valley.


Five Creatures make their home in the Outskirts: Bat, Goblin, Gypsy, Convict, and the Park Ranger. Go HERE to see more detailed information concerning these creatures.


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The Outskirts
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You may or may not need to train some in the Beach before being able to 1-Round all four main creatures of the Outskirts. None of these creatures have armor, but their higher Life makes them tougher customers than the crabs. If you can average 300 points of damage before running out of attacks you will have this area beat. Don't try attacking the Park Ranger though. You will be the bug and he will be windshield, if you catch my drift. If you find yourself using a lot of food then you aren't ready to train in the Outskirts yet. Go back to the Beach, kill 200K experience worth of crabs, add an attack or two, then try the Outskirts again.

When to move on to the Sewers

The Sewer creatures are tough compared to the Outskirt creatures. You will need a minimum of 60 strength to enter the Sewers. Some races have a bonus to area restrictions, making their needed strength 54, while others receive a penalty, making their needed strength 66. You will also need over 200 Life to withstand the attack of the Warrior. The experience in the Outskirts is much better than the Beach, so reaching a level of being able to begin exploring the Sewers will come quickly.

Random Thoughts

The Outskirts contain some of the oldest pictures of creatures in the Shilla games. I've never been fond of the cartoonish Goblin though. It has also been the traditional area where holiday/special occasion drops occur. I like the way that the Outskirts is the crossroads of many of the areas of Shilla: Redemption. No northern entrance to the Maze this time around though. At least not yet.

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