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January 23rd, 2011

Shilla: Redemption is back online. From the little bit I have done I have seen examples of changes to the quest system and spell system. Jedi is off and running, and found a bound Blackened Staff in the Vast Valley. So there is evidence of new weapons around. Race buffs seem to have been illuminated as well.

Beach and Shillatown maps seem unchanged, as does Beach creatures.

Beta account characters received a +20% Experience buff as their reward for taking part in Beta Redemption.

I'll probably make a hardcore character tomorrow to see if/what changes to that option have occurred.

Happy Hunting,

January 20th, 2011

Many changes have occurred since Christmas. Some have been good and others have not been pleasant. I'll address the good before speaking on the bad.

Beta is done! I have never been involved with such an endeavor and I am glad to have had the experience. I have done my best to record both the important and trivial so that maybe the question I have of Old Shilla will not be unanswered by those who may follow. The good and bad is recorded on this wiki's pages and it will remain a place for both as long as I have control of what is written here. I will tell you that I am looking forward to the release of the "gold" edition, seeing what other minds have created, and hope our merry band of players will be joined by others.

My first order of business will be to confirm as quickly as possible the data that is already recorded here. I have not asked, nor am I looking, for insider information on what may have or have not been changed. For me the enjoyment is in the discovery, the data collection, and the recording. I have had countless hours of fun helping get the information of beta Redemption as accurate as possible. With Shilla: Redemption being released this next weekend I invite all players to help me recheck maps, weapons, armor, existing quests, etc. Please post any changes in the Forum. Reconfirming everything will be a time consuming process. I'll get to new content as soon as possible.

Now the bad…

It saddens me that my friend Bp won't be around. We have lived and died with Shilla for many, many years. That he won't be here helping with the wiki, enjoy the new additions to Redemption, and getting that information documented, will make it seem less. I will eventually regain my spark for the game, of that I am certain, but that he and Blink have lost it for good just plain makes my heart weep. I hope that Redemption becomes something that will relight a desire for them to rejoin our small community, but they have purposely burned their bridges so that returning is doubtful at best. My only hope is that Cz and the other members of Redemption's staff prove them wrong.

The fact that Mediathrall is leaving for a well deserved job at Bioware does not bolster my confidence in the sustainability of Redemption. I will keep my fingers crossed that he has left enough tools in the designer's tool belts that they can do what is needed. It is the unforeseen that bothers me. *knocks on wood.

So I have vented about the good and bad.

Adios Shilla: Redemption Beta…

…and good-bye to both Bp and Blink. Fair winds and following seas, my friends.


December 26th, 2010
Finished getting to the point of 1 rounding the first level of Mount Olympus, which meant it was time to get some work done on the wiki.

Lots of minor changes…

  1. Added sell values for Forge Ingredients
  2. Updated changes to the Shillatown Locations page
  3. Updated changes to the Shillatown area page
  4. Noted recent changes and updates to Shilla: Redemption on the History page.
  5. Changed some writing here and there

With the Holiday season upon us there were several new additions to the game that needed to be added. Go HERE to check out Santa's Hat. Go HERE to see the write ups about Halloween Hill and Santa's little helper. I have also added the Holiday foods to their various lists.

The next big project was to finish all the creatures up to, but not including, Mount Olympus. I have verified Max Hit, Armor %, Experience and Gold numbers. Life values are within a thousand or two of being correct. If you see something that doesn't match the information listed please let me know so that I can double check and correct it.

Lastly, I have finished all of the Weapons except the Unicorn Horn Wand. I'll get that one done at some point. The numbers for both the Death Hammer and Warrior Hammer seem high, so I'll double check them next time I get a chance and have a clear head. Too much research makes Aa something… something.

As a side note Raghn mentioned that he was using the Warrior Throwing Knives and this weapon being better than the Carved Unicorn Dagger at his level. I did a quick 10 attack comparison and at my level, around 82 attacks, the WTK was hitting for about 1,000 more points of damage. I'll continue to research this and will include it in a future weapon's guide.

So now that creatures and weapons are done what is next? I've started a Training Progression guide that Spiderman helped create for Old Shilla. I'll probably continue to train so that I can get Olympus done as well. I'm also hoping for some major updates to the game in the near future to write about.

The end of the year approaches and I'm very pleased with the current level of completion that I have reached for the helpsite. At this point going to Shillatime for information should not be necessary. If what you are looking for isn't here, let me know.

Happy Hunting,


December 18th, 2010

During the last handful of years I’ve watched this game go through many changes, and watched the community dwindle to a bare few. Never have I had doubts about the game itself. Those doubts exist now.

So now we stand at the edge of a new shift in the leadership of the game, a game I have grown to love. A game I have devoted endless hours playing, and close to as many hours writing about. I, like Bp, have a set a high standard of what we want Shilla: Redemption to be.

I am honored to call Bp friend. He has a greater love of this game than anyone I have ever known, short of Melkor. His comments in the Forum are the results of that love and of frustrations unspoken to all but a few. The fact that he won’t be part of those fashioning what Redemption should be saddens me. I believe he has all the necessary skills to do what needs to be done to return this game to completeness.

I don’t know you, CZ, but you have an enormous responsibility to those few of us that remain to shape this game into something. From what I have been told, by people I believe, your track record with working well with others is less than stellar. Maybe you’re a better Chief than an Indian? I hope so for Redemption’s sake. This game has to be more than a clicking exercise, it has to have a story and purpose. You’re Lead Designer now and getting this game from killing enough creatures to safely kill harder creatures is what must be done. Know that I share Bp’s frustration with many aspects of Redemption.

I am in total agreement with MT in the hopes that the additions to the staff will encourage game growth. I remind myself that the game is a short three months old. I want progress in more areas than training, aspects of the game that maybe only you can provide, MT. Your time seems to be even more limited than mine, and that concerns me with as a roadblock to progress. You may feel that the game has a sense of completeness, but for some of us it is far from complete and barely acceptable. Maybe having someone with the ability to script is a risk you will need to take.

As Andy Dufresne says in Shawshank Redemption…. “…hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.” I hope that Shilla: Redemption turns into the game I want it to be. I hope that CZ has the vision and ability to bring the game to that level. I hope…

Happy Hunting,


December 18th, 2010

Shilla's back up. No explanation given to why it was down for 24 hours.
Suppose the 3 people who play don't deserve one, right?

I guess just be glad it's back up now.

December 15th, 2010
(Copied from the Shilla: Redemption Forum as written by MT)

Staff reshuffling Update

Bp has withdrawn, leaving only Kbok and Moonstorm.

After spending a few hours reviewing the ups and downs of giving someone scripting access, I've decided against it. It'd require an immense amount of documentation and support on my part, and it'd be really easy for a scripter to accidentally break something permanently that would require an administrator to fix. Due to the lack of interest from most people in continuing this game's development, I think it's best if we just stick with the current tools the game provides, and having designers and artists pushing the content forward as best they can, without scripting changes.

That being said, I invite Kbok and Moonstorm to join our staff, pending Hardcz's approval.
Kbok, if you're still interested in working on the game without scripting access (being a designer or tester instead), please let us know.

Moonstorm - The game is certainly desperate for new art. If you're still interested, please post here, and Hardcz can give you access to the Designers forum so you can start getting involved. Also let us know if you're interested in being a Tester as well?

Due to the disputes between Hardcz and Blink, and the absence of Blink to resolve these disputes, I'm putting Hardcz in charge. This means he will be acting as Lead Designer until such time as he doesn't want to, or finds someone else to fill the position. He will also be in charge of any changes to the staff, as he sees fit.

Hopefully this will encourage the future growth of the game!
(Copied from the Shilla: Redemption Forum as written by MT)

I'll be commenting shortly. Stay tuned
Happy Hunting,


December 14th, 2010

The game was working fine at 5:15ish AM PST, then at 6:00 it wasn't. Hopefully someone notices soon and fixes it.

6:45 AM PST - Game is back online. I'm guessing it was just a server glitch, a longer than normal server glitch.

December 9th, 2010

Happy Third Month Birthday, Redemption! I have archived both the Wall of Flames and the Wall of the Hardcore. Go HERE to check them out.

December 5th, 2010

First, I'm very pleased with the number of people interested in behind the scenes work. Continue to go to Shilla: Redemption's Forum to express interest and to discuss this revamping of the admin corp.

Second, I've finished enough content to make an official update.

  1. The Brothers of the Light quest page is done. I've updated the maps to each of the affected areas as well, then found some mistakes, and redid them again. One mistake that hasn't been corrected is the Brothers of Light vs Brothers of the Light. As maps need updating I'll add the "the".
  2. I've double checked several of the Weapon Shop weapons and made minor corrections to those numbers. I've also collected data on three more of the Forge weapons that my HC character can use now. I'm still quite a bit of training away from getting the necessary requirements for some of the forge weapons.
  3. I've also went through and updated the food lists with all the known foods and added a page for the Allure Lake Creatures. Thanks to Moonstorm for gathering those creature's data for me.

There is st
ill a forge combo out there to be discovered. Find it and you'll be memorialized on the forge page forever.

The Wall of Flames and Wall of the Hardcore will be archived on Wednesday.

Happy Hunting,


December 1st, 2010

Media has put out an call for individuals willing to join the designer ranks and help shape Shilla: Redemption. Go to Shilla: Redemption's Forum to express interest and to discuss this issue.

I'm working on some updates, including a write-up of the Brothers of Light Quest. I've also have some data from Moonstorm on the creatures of Allure Lake that I'll add soon.

December 2nd, 2010

Finished confirming the locations of all the Brothers of Light. Their locations are now on the corresponding maps. I'll do an official write-up for the Quest page soon.

Happy Hunting,


November 19th, 2010

I have been picking at the helpsite over the last couple of weeks and have completed a couple of projects, enough that I felt a frontpage update was appropriate.

Mount Olympus continues to to be impressive. I took a walking tour a couple of days ago and completely enjoyed myself. I'm still several billion experience from training there, but will get that map up soon. Thanks to Kbox, Jedi, and Iceice3 for their work on finding all the Treasure of the Gods Armors and the rest of the new drops for that area.

A big thanks goes out to one of the newer players, Malek, for his help in noticing that most of the Forged Armors have a stat bonus. Bp and I farmed some of the harder ingredients, but he did the legwork on forging them. Don't forget that if you find something that is not on the helpsite or different than listed here please post it somewhere in the Forum.

Speaking of maps I have finished all the way up to Mount Olympus. Go HERE to check them out. If you are interested I use a program called Artweaver to make the maps, making them easy to update, so let me know any mistakes big or small. I still need to complete the Brothers of the Light quest, and plan on adding those locations to the maps. I'm also hoping for a new teleport location soon that will be added as well.

I've done lots of minor additions to the helpsite, too many to list. Projects like this are never really done. The to-do list is about three pages long, and will continue to grow as I divide my time between real life, helpsite updates, and actually playing the game. I've managed to get close enough to Bp to actually scare him into training, so I don't want to let up on that. :-P

Projects on the front burner? I'm going to finish Mount Olympus map, Brothers of the Light quest, add all the Halloween Hill content, and complete my check of the Shillatown Weapon Shop weapons. The Gleaming Short Sword has been changed back to a 1 FAT usage weapon and I want to double check the rest, as well as, damage values. This will be a slow process since I'm using my HC character for this project since they are human with no buffs to get in the way of data figures.

There will also be a Wall of Flames and Wall of the Hardcore archive update coming Dec 8th. Three months already!

Happy Hunting,


October 30th, 2010

Another update! A second new area has been released along with "spooky" additions to the game in honor of Shilla: Redemption's first official holiday since beta release. The only other one I've seen is that the Town Guards have executioner-like, sack masks. Post anything you find to the Forum so that it can be recorded for posterity.

The area is known as Halloween Hill, and the haunted house that is located there, is north then northeast after entering The Outskirts. Really cool design and a lot of fun. A definite step up from the classic "holiday drops" of Old Shilla. I'll post detailed info after the area is no longer available. I wouldn't want to spoil anyone's good time of discovery. Here is some basic info for those who are more cautious. The reward includes a neck piece: Pendent of the Damned and none of the creatures hit for more than 160ish points of damage. The Holiday Area is probably completable by anyone 1500 ws or higher. Leaving the area does not effect any steps you might have completed. Have fun and enjoy this wonderful update.

October 31st, 2010 - Kudos to Kbox for finding the following drops on Mount Olympus: Eagle Talisman +50 str, +100 dex, dropped by Apollo on lvl 3, Nightmist Ring +90 con, +60 chr dropped by Hercules, and the Ornate Fascia +50 str/dex/con/int dropped on 2nd lvl. Jedi managed to get the Treasure of the Gods, a rare "creature" that appears in all levels of Olympus, to drop a pair of Divine Sandals of the Gods. One piece of armor down.

Happy Hunting,


October 24th, 2010

This isn't really an update about this site as it is about Shilla in general.

Chrome released a vast area which I would guess would get people to 10k Wall Score.
It's got a good 7-8 monster tier levels if not more and there is also a food shop.
I have no idea what's new for drops in this but I would say this is as big of an update since Shilla was released.
Hopefully this will excite the player base and draw some attention back to the game.

As for the helpsite, hopefully I can find motivation to work on this some more. I'm sure it'll
come over time, after school and real life get their time in.

October 27th, 2010
Chrome has released 1 whole new armor set. 1 new weapon, 1 ring, 1 amulet, 1 bracelet. Post info to the Forum when you find em.

Happy Hunting,


Sept 27th 2010
Middle of my time off away from school. Enjoying it. Also enjoying time away from Shilla.
Don't expect me back any time soon either. 2 days away and I see no reason to come back.
Jedi found the last combo, it's on twitter and I'll put it on the forge page.
I'll check the shilla boards and these boards for if or when anything there updates. That's likely
the only way I come back at this point.

For up to the minute updates: Twitter

Sept 16th 2010
Update again. Probably be the last one I post up here for a while.
I have a Forge link up. Also under equipment on top bar.
Thanks to Jedi and Iceice3 for help in finding 13/16 combos.
There are 3 combos left, best of luck to who finds them.
Probably be the last update I write on here for a while.

Sept 16th 2010
Update again. Probably be the last one I post up here for a while.
As of now 13 out of 16 combos have been found. Found 2 of them needed a misc item we hadn't found yet, the Unicorn Horn.
Thanks to Jedi and Iceice3 for helping me find these, and for anyone else who's been trying.
Hopefully the other 3 can be found at some point.
And a reminder, for the most up to the minute updates, check us out at twitter: Twitter

Sept 14th 2010
Slight Update. HoJ has been removed for whatever reason I do not know. If you have one, just sell it.
A couple of forge combos are up, see twitter for list. Will make official page at some point down the road.
Think the strongest weapon out is the Warrior Hammer, though I swore CZ said one more was better.
Armor is supposedly out to forge, however my luck is bad at finding it.
I'm done looking for stuff until I have more of an idea of what's left to find.

And a reminder, for the most up to the minute updates, check us out at twitter: Twitter

Sept 10th 2010
The forge is out. It was released yesterday. Well, re-released. Also any misc items were found to have a bug and fixed. So you should start to see some drop again. We are also not sure if we have found all those items yet, either.
King crab drops 2 items,
Dead Knight drops 1 item,
Drakmor Dragon drops 1 item,
and 1 in the Ogre Cave as well.
If there are others, please let me know.

Later on this week I'll try my hand at a few forge combos, and I'll make a forum board on here for people to post what they have already tried.

And a reminder, for the most up to the minute updates, check us out at twitter: Twitter

Sept 4th 2010
Did some minor things over the last couple days. Will continue to keep doing minor things here and there over the next couple weeks. I will however, start using twitter to post updates as they happen. If you want to find out more, heres the site:

When I have extensive material to reflect on in the front page, then I'll make a front page post. Until then, enjoy playing.

August 29th, 2010
Thanks, Bp for taking the reins. Life gets busy and working on the wiki is 2nd or more like 5th, on my to do list. I'll get back to this when numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4 are done. Right now I'm enjoying what little time I have for Shilla training.


July 30th, 2010

Been working on the wiki quite a bit lately, so this is another big update. I'm feeling pretty good about the level of completion I have been able to obtain. It has been enjoyable, and will continue to be so.

First… Weapons and Armor are pretty complete, need a couple of sell values and still haven't done the Obsidian Wand. CZ has told me that the Fatigue usage of some of the weapons have been changed, so I'll go back and take a look at that soon. Have the price matrices for both the Weapon Shops and Armor Shops up to 175 Charisma done. 200 is coming soon. 200 is done ~BP

Second… Area Pages are done for the Outskirts, Sewers, Vast Valley, Cemetery, and Crypt. These include basic information and my own opinions.

Third… Creature Information pages are done for the Outskirts, Sewers, Vast Valley, and Cemetery. The max hit data is solid from the Beach to the Vast Valley now! Cemetery coming soon. While I have found that MT has been using the data from Old Shilla for max hit, I will continue to double check this as my own main character gains enough life to do so.

Fourth… Amulets and Rings pages are done, including price matrices through 175 Charisma. Need to ask MT about the nightvision though.

Fifth… Food Pages with all the foods through Drakmor Castle/Cooked Meat are done. They can be found in the Top Bar Menu. I have also added a Master Food List, just because I could. If you are interested in how much food costs then go to the Food Sellers page.

Research is Chugging right along. My main character is 1-rounding Castle Guards, so I'll go gather the info on another quest soon. If you see anything that doesn't match what is in the wiki let me know. I'll be switching my focus to the race information soon.

Happy Hunting,


July 26th, 2010

Been awhile since I have posted what has been happening on the wiki, been days in fact. We now have an area completely done, maps, creatures, related quests. Unfortunately it is only the Beach, but it is a start. I do have maps through the Crypt done, with the Druid Valley on paper ready to computerize.

I have started pages for Weapons and Armor, with armor only having text.

The Spells page is completed, with Self Teleportation destination having been added to the respective area maps.

Bp has also contributed with some nice work on the Sewers area page.

The biggest update was the completion, along with artwork, of the Shillatown Locations and the Shillatown area pages. Should be everything you need to know about the heart of the Shilla: Redemption world.

What is on the horizon… I would like to have the weapon's page completed (up to, but not including, the Guard Sword). I would like to have areas done through the Vast Valley, and I would like to have a race description done as well. I have written out a brief, Redemption based, description of the 16 races, but I need to type them out and pass them through MT and the testers prior to posting them here. I wouldn't want to contradict any future storylines.

I also need to finish cutting, splitting and stacking about a cord and a half worth of firewood.

Happy Hunting,


July 16th, 2010

Finished a couple of projects. First up was the Sewer map. Then I got something written about both the creatures and the Outskirts area. Lastly I got the Wall of Flames/Hardcore Archive page done.

The big news is the wiki has two new members: Bilbo and Wizard have joined our ranks.



July 13th, 2010

Finished the area and creature pages for the Beach, corrected the mistakes on the Outskirt's map, and finished the Kill a King Crab Quest page. I'll be gathering data on the Outskirts creatures next in preparation for doing those pages.

Happy Hunting,


July 11th, 2010

Added some content that I had been working on while I didn't have access to the Internet. Added a main Quests page and the first three quests. The Quick Start Guide has content now as well as the start of the FAQ. Lastly I have started a Glossary of Terms that will eventually have a button on the side bar menu. Tonight I'll be doing some research after I get my family to bed and am hoping to have solid creature info for the Beach as well as that area's page done.

I also took out the theme song. Ain't nothing like forgetting that the volume is on full blast from little angel using the computer. Plus I'm on this site so often I'm getting sick of the song.

Slowly, but steadily.


July 9th, 2010

It was nice being able to kick back today and bash about 200 crabs without a care in the world. I had forgotten how much I missed the game. So far Redemption just kicks ass! I hope the rest of you are enjoying it as much as I am.

First content update to the wiki. I have uploaded maps for Shillatown, the Beach, and the Outskirts. Not my best work, but what do you expect from trying to work use Artweaver while going down the road at 55 mph with a 6 year old beside you in the 100 heat. Thanks goes to Bilbo for sending me a scan of the map he made of the Outskirts. The maps get the job done for those of you that haven't mapped these areas yourself already.

I'm working on the initial Mayor quest right now and will be getting the Quick Start Guide up and running next. You have to remember that I'm not just playing the game, but gathering data too. Time consuming to say the least, so don't expect me to get info out to you before you get to an area. My first character hasn't even gotten all the Mayor quests done yet. lol

Happy Hunting!


July 8th, 2010

At 9:14, July 8th, 2010 I received an email from Media. It said that he has opened up Beta a day early. I finished up the last bit of work I was doing on the Side Bar Menu and created my first Shilla: Redemption character. The lizard lady Aarilax has been reborn. Let the fun begin!

Side Note: Remember that this is Beta Testing. There is a forum thread HERE for posting any bugs you might find, major or minor. I'm already impressed with the changes I've seen. I've finished mapping both Shillatown and the Beach. During my weekend of no-internet coming up while at my in-laws, I'll have plenty of time of create maps and other content. Remember to post what you learn about ANYTHING in the wiki forum.

(Continues) Doing a little happy dance,


July 7th, 2010

Two days until beta release! I contacted Media and confirmed the July 9th date. He says "Doors will open sometime in the late evening. Exact time depends on how late I have to work at my real job. :)" I know I'm getting stoked. How about you?[[/size]]
[[size 115%]]
Cosmetic changes continue for the wiki. Puttering around at making the site look a little less wikish. Started working with a much better art program too: Artweaver. Microsoft Paint just wasn't getting it done… lol. Of course these changes lead to me having to change the HELP! pages, yet again. Oh well. I'm going to try and stay away the rest of today and tomorrow, saving my strength for the 9th. I doubt it will happen though. Getting the wiki going is almost an obsession at this point. I'm always looking for new ways to improve it.

Hope to meet up with old friends in about 54 hours,


July 5th, 2010

I've found a nice way of making captioned picture links so I'm going that direction with the map page. Check it out HERE. I also found a simple chat site/program that will serve as a backup for Shilla: Redemption. I've just begun working with it, but feel free to check it out HERE. Wikidot does have a chat function, but I couldn't get it to work.



July 3rd, 2010

I'm pretty much where I want to be prior to beta release in 6 days. The big three, maps, areas, and creature pages, have been thought about. I've gotten the Welcome page to where I want it to be. Got a plan for page tags going. The forum is set up for folks to start supplying data. I've even added a "just for fun" page. Click HERE to check out the weather for the helpsite's current membership. Everything is a go for launch! I'll keep poking around the edges until the 9th, but I'm feeling pretty good about the wiki!

Now what do I do?


July 2nd, 2010

We are getting down to the wire now. Just one week to go! I hope to have everything ready to begin data input by the time beta release occurs. I'm pretty close to where I want to be. Just some work to do with the top bar menu to go.

Got the map gallery pages finalized. Go HERE to take a look. Click on an area, then click on one of colored square to see my favorite Old Shilla pic.

I also cleaned up the News from the Staff page.

Sleep is overrated as a leisure activity,


July 1st, 2010 (about 10 hours later)

Got a gallery idea for maps to work. Check it out HERE. I think this format will solve some of the problems that occurred on the Old Shilla helpsite with cluttered area pages and printing issues. Now the map will open in a new browser window.

Off to catch a wave,

July 1st, 2010 (but only barely)

Since I have been so involved with the creation of both this wiki and Old Shilla's helpsite I don't find them confusing at all. I've always wondered how others viewed helpsites. To help the more wiki-challenged, I have finished something that I wanted to do for Old Shilla helpsite, but never got around to: a wiki-guide of sorts. If nothing else it gave me some pages to tag, increasing the size of the spinning tag ball. Go check it out HERE.

I also changed the Welcome page layout. I'm thinking its a little "busy". What do you think? Post your thoughts in the Helpsite Talk thread of the Forum.

9 days and counting…


June 28th, 2010

Hmm… what have I done since the last update? The biggest changes weren't even to this site. I spend about an hour and a half cutting and pasting all the relevant posts from the Old Shilla Helpsite to the Shilla History page. Take a look and a stroll back in time to see how far we have already come. The other changes are ideas that I've worked with trying to stretch me css skills. Thanks to Bp I managed to get site theme music up and running. Post any song requests in the "Gab Away" thread in the Forum. Found a page tag spinning ball thing that will be added to this site once we have some pages to actually tag. Check out the demo in the lower right hand corner of the Old Shilla Helpsite. Mouse over it to start the spinning.

11 days and counting…


Saturday, June 19th

Just read the update at Shilla: Redemption homesite… Seems we have a release date! Mark your calendars for JULY 9th! Kick ass! I'll be there with bells on and my notebook ready for research. On a side note, I've been working on getting the Old Shilla Helpsite to a final format in preparation for this site taking over the reins of the source of information for all things Redemption. My thanks to Bp for getting the embedded music to function. If you have thoughts on the theme song for the old helpsite let me know. Maybe a nice Irish lament?



Tuesday, June 15th (again)

This update reminds me of so many that I did for the Old Shilla Helpsite. I would get into something and then look down at the clock and it would be midnight. At least its only 10:30 this time. I reworked the top bar menu a little, cleaned up a couple of pages, and added some threads to the "Hidden" category on the Forum. Nothing exciting, just a To Do thread and a Random Thoughts thread. The biggest update is to the Shilla History page. I'll go back and take another look when I'm not so tired. I'm sure it's full of mistakes. Bp knows my passion for Shilla history, so I know he'll laugh when he sees it.

To bed, am I,


Tuesday, June 15th,

Fixed my font issues with a little help from the wikidot forum. Arial Black looks "solid" and readable. Last day of "teaching" is today as well. Tomorrow is cleaning and rewarding those kids that made their reading goals. Thursday is signing yearbooks, signing my classroom wall, and playing bingo. Friday I check out and am done for the school year. Woo hoo!!

Time to get ready for work,


Sunday, June 13th (again)
Still working on a default site font solution. The tinkering with font-families hasn't produced any results. Did the get "Quick Start Guide" link to be red with a little css coding, so thats something.

Nighty Night,


Sunday, June 13th,

Altered the appearance of the Forum a little. Might tinker with it again. I think my solution for the contrast issue with some of the pop-up message windows looks good, but I'm still looking for a css solution for default site font vs having to use [[spans]] or [[div]] all the time. Started creating some pages too. Can't wait until Shilla: Redemption goes beta so I can start gathering and inputing data.

Breakfast time,


Friday, June 11th,

Good first day of editing done. Most of the site is rough, to say the least, but some major parts are done. Got the Forum up and the side bar is close to what I want it to be. Links page has a couple of items in it. The top bar seems to have plenty of space for drop down menus, and the theme seems to be readable. If you find something that isn't drop a note in the Forum. Bp is officially an Admin now as well.



June 11th, 2010
Happy Birthday, Wiki!

With Media starting the forum on Shilla: Redemption Main Site it looked like a good time to get the new wiki up and running. Once Bp and I get the basics in place we'll spend some time getting the old helpsite back to a place for old shillians to find, remember, and give shout-outs. I've spent entirely too much time on that helpsite to just push the delete button.

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, dear wiki, happy birthday to you.

Now to get started…

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