If you read my lake guide, you have seen this before. Shilla will likely evolve and it may cause changes to the script. I wrote this not knowing about the Hammer of Justice til near the end. You will likely get the HoJ before I did. So the mountain may be easier. But when I got it I skipped Ogre Caves. You may not. Varies by person. I'm trying to do the best I can with what I have. AA may likely fill in the blanks behind me. But what's up is what's up. It's better then nothing. Thanks in advance.

The Mountain.
Not a new place really. This gets divided up into 2 sections. The lower part has a Bear, Goat, and a Masked Ranger. The top part has just Pegasus Scouts with the occasional Hydra.

What do you want to hear today from me?

  • Vast Valley Teleport. Like the lake, and any other place after this goes through the mountain. So the closest way in, is through VV.
  • Park Ranger. Took me between 3 to 4 rounds to kill. Still need to bring food to survive.
  • 750, 770, and 550 were my stats for 1-rounding with a WTK. Masked rangers still hit me some of the time, but fat burn should make you eat bear steaks often enough to offset this.
  • May be wise to stay in lake til 1-round with GSS. Exp is less per kill, but you get more out of your food rations. Plus you find more food that you can sell for money.
  • There is no food drops in this part of the game. Rely on bear steaks. A lot.
  • At 612k gold(or more depending on race), you can buy the Hammer of Justice. I'd do that immediately. Then go for a Black amulet.
  • It may take you 15 to 20 attacks for the Ogre Cave with WTK.
  • At 830, 910, and 700 you should probably 1-round or be within 2-3 attacks of Ogre Cave with WTK. I was at this point when I got HoJ. After HoJ I moved on to Pegasus Scouts.
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