Kill A King Crab


Once you have finished the first three quests the Mayor says you can go to the Outskirts. The Town Guard at the North Gate doesn't think too much of you… yet. So he sends you to prove yourself back at the Beach. This time you need to kill the hardest creature there, the King Crab.

Your Foe: The King of the Crabs

He isn't as fearsome as you would think. This is still the beach after all. I didn't see any hits over 34, but he does have 10% armor, so expect a long fight. Long fights mean lots of eating, so luckily there is plenty of Crab Legs available. It will take between 10 to 13 hits to deplete the 850 life King Crab has. So load up enough food to replenish after he tags you for between 55 and 64 points of damage each round. Between 30 and 45 Crab Legs seems to be sufficient, depending on your stats. You will get around 750 points of experience when you finally defeat him, but not a single piece of gold.


The only reward is that the Guard lets you pass… disappointed? So was I.

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