Holiday Creatures


While Some holiday creatures are part of an area, such as those found on Halloween Hill, some replace other creatures to celebrate holidays. Here is a list of such creatures and when they appeared.


Halloween 2010

Halloween Hill was an area released on October 30th, 2010 and was available until XXXXXX. In lieu of the holiday food drops that were traditionally found in Old Shilla, an entire area and quest were created to celebrate Halloween 2010. It was located in the southeast corner of The Outskirts, one north, then northeast from the entrance. The main part of the area consisted of a haunted mansion. Go HERE for information on the creatures of Halloween Hill and HERE for information on the area and a map link.

Christmas 2010

On December 20th, 2010 Santa's little Helpers randomly replaced the Town Guards found in Shillatown, and continued to do so until December 26th. They dropped Candy Cane approximately 25% of the time. They also offered the player the option of "Can I have some Christmas spirit?" that when clicked resulted in the player receiving a Eggnog and a Sugar Cookie. There was a limit of 10 of each of the last two before clicking resulted in "You already have enuogh of the Christmas Spirit on you. Don't be greedy!" Killing a Santa's little helper didn't result in any gained gold or experience, nor did their one attack result in any damage. A fun little creature to celebrate the Christmas season.

On December 26th, 2010 Santa's little Helpers continued to randomly replace the Town Guards found in Shillatown. While their stats stayed the same, as did their offer of Christmas spirit, their drops changed from those listed above. They began dropping 4 of each of the Christmas foods: Candy Canes, Eggnog, and Sugar Cookies. Santa's little Helpers also began dropping a special holiday armor, Santa's Hat. They continued to do so until January st, 2011.

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