Glossary of Terms

A ongoing project that will allow people to find terms and abbreviations for the many facets of Shilla: Redemption.

Table of Contents


1-Round – To kill a creature with a single click of the single attack button. The most efficient way to train is to be able to 1-Round every creature in an area.


Area – The collection of locations that make up a part of the world of Shilla: Redemption. Examples include the Beach, Shillatown, the Outskirts, and the Sewer. All the areas of Shilla: Redemption are interconnected and usually have some type of stat requirement to enter. Other requirements are possible as well, especially for race villages.


Burden – The amount of weight, shown by a percentage in the Score link of the Side Bar menu that the character is carrying. Once the percentage exceeds 100% then the character receives a fatigue penalty for attacking or moving.

Buff/Debuff - Screen tells you what character specific abilities you have, plus any bonuses you may be receiving from armor, amulets, rings, etc…


Charisma (CHA) – One of the six character stats. Charisma effects buying/selling of equipment from npc’s, entering race villages unmolested, and adds to a character’s mana amount.

Constitution (CON) – One of the six character stats. Constitution effects the Grope of a character and adds to the amount of life a character has.


Dexterity (DEX)– One of the six character stats. Dexterity effects the number of attacks the character does and adds to the amount of life a character has.

Death – When a character’s life drops below zero death occurs. All on-hand equipment, gold, and experience is lost. Character’s also lose one point from each stat category and is teleported to the Fountain.


Experience (EXP) – The points earned from killing of creatures or completing certain quests. Experience is traded for increased stats at the Training Center. Any experience on the character when they die is lost.


Fatigue (FAT) – Controls the amount of physical based actions a character can make. Some actions, such as attacking a creature, take one fat. If a character is carrying too much items/foods (more than 100% burden) then actions take more than one FAT point.

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