Note you'll likely have to click the image to see the numbers better. Doing this will make the picture a new window.

This is the very 1st screen your character will ever see. Breakdown of each function:

  1. Menu. That is the menu you see already on the left side. Clicking this brings you to this point. It's grayed out because you're already there. Note for any other menu you visit, when you are in that menu, that option is grayed out.
  2. Score. Shows your name, race, sex, your main 6 stats(Str,Dex,Con,Wis,Int,Chr), wall score with class rank, experience on hand, gold on hand and in bank, life, fatigue, mana, Burden %, quest points, and deaths.
  3. Weapon. You can equip, or unequip any weapons here.
  4. Armor. You can wear, or remove any armor here.
  5. Jewelry. You can wear or remove any amulets, rings or bracelets here.
  6. Food. Where you'll eat any food you find on the ground or buy in a store.
  7. Spells. Where you can use any spell you have. Currently right now only a teleport spell is an option.
  8. Status. Shows any increases or decrease your race, or equipment may give you.
  9. Misc. Whatever else that doesn't fall above, goes here. Gems and more misc items fall under this category.
  10. Options. You can make the left side menu refresh every 5, 10 or 30 seconds or make combat text display verbose or brief.
  11. Log out. Takes you back to the log in page.
  12. Visit forums. If you have an account to the Shilla forums, you will go here where you can post whatever you feel like. Main use at the moment is for bug reporting or big updates.
  13. Main screen. Where you'll move around, attack monsters, pick up items. Basically the combat section.
  14. Chat room. Where you can chat with others in the game.

2 things to note. Don't attack a town guard, and go visit the mayor.

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