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BizarroBizarro 06 Mar 2011 06:19
in discussion Discussion / Helpsite Talk » The Helpsite

I saw CZ's post in the game forum for a place for data.

Here's my take on that:

It doesn't matter which board you write information in, either on these forums, on his forums. If things
aren't getting written here, they likely won't get written there.

If you want information to be common knowledge, then get off your asses and do something about it.
If the admins want the information to be known, then strictly make it public.

I don't mind making wiki pages if I can find time and someone hands me the information. I no longer play, or want to spend weeks on end doing that.

I can't speak entirely for AA, but he is a very busy person. And his free time is being spent enjoying things more enjoyable then Shilla.

If someone wants to actually put the information and stuff on a site, I'd suggest either talking to AA about it, or just making a new site by yourselves.


The Helpsite by BizarroBizarro, 06 Mar 2011 06:19

I appreciate your opinion on the wiki's color scheme, Wykyd, but lets worry about the content first.

Re: Admin Pledge by AlyssaaarilaxAlyssaaarilax, 04 Feb 2011 14:42

I think the color scheme is fine. He spent a lot of man made hours on it, and it's okay.

If you really hate it so much, there is always the option of creating your own wiki/helpsite too.

Re: Admin Pledge by BizarroBizarro, 04 Feb 2011 08:45
Admin Pledge
WykydWykyd 04 Feb 2011 06:09
in discussion Discussion / Helpsite Talk » Admin Pledge

Based on comments from people in game, and my own opinion, the wiki needs a new colour combo. Unfortunately I can't change stuff like that. With your lack of time, I was hoping that I might be able to be appointed to an admin so I can have access to things like that. Of course I'm not going to drastically change anything you have set in place. I just wanted to be able to more than just edit pages.

Admin Pledge by WykydWykyd, 04 Feb 2011 06:09

Take a lot of patience to research from your phone. Just keep a lookout for errors as I get to my own work on the site. Thanks for the offer to help, however short lived.

Well… I have some bad news. Last night after grinding in the castle all day, I was getting ready to get some work done on the site and my comp started smoking… soon after it died. After testing different parts I came across a very burnt hard drive, the worst part is it had every single note I've taken since the beginning of playing Shilla Redemption. I've tried a few other HDDs and it seems more in the computer is fried. I'm honestly so frustrated I'm putting it on the back burner for a while, considering I just finished building the machine 4 months ago… for around $2500… I have other things I need to focus my money on for the time being so I'll be playing Shilla from my phone, don't know how much help I will be in that aspect.

So, all in all I wish y'all the best of luck with the Wiki and Shilla Redemption. The game has always been in my heart and always will… hopefully when I get my comp back up and running I will be able to join the team again and help contribute to the game and the wiki. Again, GL y'all it was totally a blast from the past.

Re: Reworking the Helpsite by WykydWykyd, 03 Feb 2011 22:33

Editing existing pages and add pages when needed is fine. I'll take care of the archiving. I haven't completely decided on the particulars on that yet.

Start with double checking weapons damage values, any added bonuses, and the requirements. Hopefully your character's race doesn't have any grope bonus, because that will throw off your numbers. I recorded 50 hits on creatures who have 0% armor, any creature except Blobs in Cemetery works well. Subtract your grope (str + con) from the average of all 50 for the Average Dmg, and subtract our grope from the high and low values to get the Damage Range. If you're only different by 1 or 2 points don't change it on the wiki. Even 50 hits won't always give a true value.

I also need new average gold drops for all the creatures past Outskirts. I believe that CZ has finished balancing that through Drakmor Castle by now.

Shop prices need to be updated for their respective Charisma values. My mage character will eventually be able to take care of this naturally, so don't pump your fighter charisma to do it.

Map changes are mine to do. I have the program and have to upload those.

If you want to create and delete a few characters I still need buffs, natural abilities, and starting stats for all the races except Elf, Human, Satyr, Gnome, Centaur, Pixie, and Wolfman. Also need to check if Wolfman starting stats are the same as they were for Wolf. Just post this info in the forum or email it directly to me at moc.liamtoh|305retsofj#moc.liamtoh|305retsofj.

And don't forget to play the game too. :-P

Want me to more or less just edit existing pages and add pages if needed? instead of just making new ones… Or did you want to archive all the current pages and just make all new ones?

Re: Reworking the Helpsite by WykydWykyd, 02 Feb 2011 18:21

Ah, that's cool… I'll see what I can do to help :D

Re: Reworking the Helpsite by WykydWykyd, 02 Feb 2011 14:54

I have all the quest info all written down and ready to input. If you want, concentrate on weapons, armor, shop prices and areas that I don't have access too. Don't just erase wrong data, I'm against a "clean slate" idea. I will be moving wrong info onto pages marked "Beta XXXX", with XXXX being whatever it was. Quests are a good example.


Re: Reworking the Helpsite by WykydWykyd, 02 Feb 2011 05:41

Do you think that's a possibility Aa… to redo the entire site? I think it needs a face lift, boob job, tummy tuck and some serious other surgeries… I'm going to be rerolling another character to track quest reqs/rewards/zones/locations, racial bonuses/starting stats, and many other things. But I think we need to clear the slate first… most of the info on the site is totally wrong, about the only thing correct are the maps, which need a little work themselves. I was hoping that this was a possibility so we can not only get the site up to date, but also make it easier on the eyes. Lemme know what you think.

Reworking the Helpsite by WykydWykyd, 01 Feb 2011 20:20

So I caved… kinda.

I created myself on there, just kinda to keep in touch. I'd like to someday play again, but that is of very low importance to me at this time.

I'm still trying to figure out the puzzle of what they call life. I'm finding pieces, getting answers, asking questions, and most importantly, learning.

Best of luck to everyone,

Re: Goodbye Shilla by BizarroBizarro, 01 Feb 2011 19:32

Now grants 50,000 exp and 30 gold.

King Crab quest changed by NappNapp, 27 Jan 2011 03:09

+50 Strength Voodoo's Gloves of Might
+50 Constitution Voodoo's Gloves of Might
+5% Critical Hit Chance Voodoo's Gloves of Might

Reward for Trivia, won by cb3.
Handed out also to Nappavas.

HardCZ- "right now, it's just a special reward… we'll probably have a rare item vendor later on"

Voodoo Gloves of Might by NappNapp, 27 Jan 2011 02:22

After AA wrote his post, I figured I'd add a few things of interest here that have happened resently..

One, I'm currently single. Two, all this going down in Shilla.

One doesn't really lead to two very well, but I will say this:

Last year or so, things haven't been all that great for me personally. I'm not sure where to put my finger on it, but they just haven't. I wanted 2010 to be over with and done and I was going to go into 2011 with a new perspective on things. Well, 2011 hasn't started off that well. But I've had almost a week to think about things and I think a separation is a good thing. It's kinda kicked me in the ass a little bit on life. I also feel like we can get back together, but it'll take some time and effort on my end, and the desire on hers to want it.

I think I've leaned on Mina for a while and I think she got tired of that. She's been finding new friends and hanging out with them, and it's an adjustment period… I do understand.

I've found friends that I've not really kept in close touch with, and I think for me, I need to get out and socialize and see what everything is about. Just explore the outside world and not be afraid of what's out there.

As it relates to Shilla:

While the buildup does sound interesting, I'm going to try and hold my promise to myself and not come back. Now, with this, I'd say never is never, but realistically, my Shilla days are done. I feel like to come back, I'd need to be the one of the best at what I do, and being a casual player wouldn't cut it.

I hope all is the best, and good luck to those playing.


Re: Goodbye Shilla by BizarroBizarro, 22 Jan 2011 17:46

This will be one of the only responses I will write, as my time in Shilla is done.

I respect BP's opinion very highly, as he is as much of a veteran of the game as I am. We have been home to this game for over a decade, much more than anyone who is currently playing could possibly say.
It's true, I left for good, and for good reason. As my post states I choose not to involve myself in a part of my life which was very, very significant due to the lack of leadership and ideas for this game. And yes, it has to do with MT, as well as CZ. I will not go into discussion regarding either of these, as those who need to know… do know.

I will check back periodically from time to time…but now as I see my characters are being deleted with the reset happening, it is rather unlikely I will be creating a new account. I wish everyone the best.

Blink (Josh)

Goodbye Shilla
BizarroBizarro 14 Jan 2011 18:55
in discussion Discussion / Gab Away! » Goodbye Shilla

I'm quitting Shilla, so this is my goodbye.

My character will be deleted as soon as I write this and I would not expect
to see Bp ever again. I've decided to distance myself away from this game.

It's just time for me personally, and professionally. If you can even put
profession into Shilla and have that make sense, I don't even know.

I've done all I wanted to do with this game. I've done all I wanted in the
previous version as well. The friends I've met over the years, a few I
can call best friends. My girlfriend Mina, who I met here, I'll always love.

I'm sad for what this version has become. I wish for everyone's sake it was
better and that more people behind the scenes cared. I to an extent regret
not taking the designer role but I have no true regrets because if my good
friends Nappavas and Blink were not good enough for them, then no player
is good enough to satisfy whatever they want to do with this.

I'll always have a bad taste to how this came out, because for the lack
of direction, progress, and accountability displayed, this game will
always feel like to me like a ruining of Shilla's good name.

Maybe I should have never came back and tried this version,
but if I hadn't, my mind likely would have eventually caved in anyway.
But at least now I know in my heart, that I can move on.

If Warlock's version version of Shilla ever gets off the ground, I may try
that just for old memories. Otherwise, my time here is over. Thank you
for all the memories, and fun you've given me over the years.

Goodbye Shilla.


Goodbye Shilla by BizarroBizarro, 14 Jan 2011 18:55

From Blink

I leave my comments few and far between, as those who are in this game know exactly how I specifically feel about them.

Good luck with the game MT, I hope it'll do great.
Congrats to those who are now on the designer staff. Hopefully your knowledge and skills will help push content forward.

As for CZ? I'd be surprised if anyone got to read this before you delete the post. Lead designer? Seriously? You leave for 6 weeks and come back expecting the biggest changes in the world. I was gone for 1/3 of that.

And let's not forget who actually has put in the time and effort to create new content.

I hope MT realizes everything before you ruin the game. Others have already noticed it. Good day.

This information will be useful to some people, not BP cause he doesn't play!

Gorgon - 145,000-147,000 life - 10% Armor
Minotaur - 145,000 Life - 10% Armor
Centaur - 157,000 Life - 11% Armor

Chimera - 181,000 Life - 12% Armor
Echidna - 195,000 Life - 9% Armor
Hippocampus - 212,000 Life - 14% Armor

Secret Treasure of the Gods is said to have 10,000,000 Life and has a massive 1% Armor rating.

Re: Mount Olympus Data by The_MalekThe_Malek, 23 Dec 2010 05:38
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