With the release of the Forge weapons and armor can now be created, if you have the right ingredients. Below you will find those recipes. Many thanks to Iceice3, and Bp for all the work on finding the combos, and Yolice for finding the Death Hammer. Huge props to Jedi especially the work on that last combo, the Unicorn Horn Wand. For the statistics on the forged weapons go HERE. For the statistics on the forged armor go HERE.


Creation Misc Weapon Food Gem
Balanced Warrior Throwing Knives Rough Worn Stone Warrior Throwing Knives Clean Water
Carved Unicorn Dagger Unicorn Horn Tempered Knife Clean Water
Death Hammer Essence of Death Warrior Hammer Obsidian
Obsidian Battle Axe Rough Worn Stone Battle Axe Clean Water Obsidian
Salt Stained Staff Dried Sea Salt Staff Clean Water
Scale Encrusted Short Sword Loose Scale GSS Clean Water
Tempered Knife Rough Worn Stone Knife Clean Water
Unicorn Horn Wand Unicorn Horn Obsidian Wand Dwarven Paste Blood Diamond
Warrior Hammer Copper Ore Guard Sword Clean Water


Creation Misc Armor Food
Silver Horned Helm Unicorn Horn Silver Chain Helm Dwarven Paste
Undead Breastplate Essence of Death Silver Chain Mail Dwarven Paste
Scale Enforced Shield Loose Scale Silver Chain Shield Dwarven Paste
Fitted Silver Neckband Rough Worn Stone Silver Chain Neckband Dwarven Paste
Scale Covered Leggings Loose Scale Silver Chain Leggings Dwarven Paste
Sticky Silver Boots Copper Ore Silver Chain Boots Dwarven Paste
Gauntlets of Dwarf Gunk Dried Sea Salt Silver Chain Guantlets Dwarven Paste

Location of Ingredients/Miscellaneous List

Item Creature/Area Sell Value
Clean Water Food Sellers 150
Dried Sea Salt King Crab 10
Rough Worn Stone King Crab 10
Dwarven Paste Nightstalker 10
Loose Scales Drakmor Dragon 10
Copper Ore Dumbest Strongest Ogre 30
Essence of Death Dead Knight 125
Unicorn Horn Unicorn 500
Hell Core XXXX 125

Gem Shop Price List

Location: From Fountain: E, S, S, E, E, S, S, S Gem Shop prices are not affected by charisma.

Gem Price
Emerald 2000
Blood Diamond 2000
Obsidian 2000
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