Food List A To I


Food is a vital part of your character's life. It is used to restore Life, Mana, and Fatigue. Food restores the amount shown below equally to all three. Clicking "Shop" will take you to the Food Sellers page that will show the various shops and the associated price matrix. Clicking "Drop" will take you to a creature page, showing you what creature drops that food. "Both" indicates that the food is both sold in a shop and dropped by a creature. Clicking "Both" will take you to the creature page. It is always better to get the food for free vs paying for it, in my opinion. The foods are shown in alphabetical order. Click HERE to see the complete food list organized alphabetically and by healing amount.

Holiday Drop indicates a food that was temporarily available during holiday seasons. Quest Reward indicates the food is received after completing a quest.

Food Information Table

Name Amount Where? Sell Value
Ambrosia +486 Shop 243
Baklava +537 Shop 268
Bear Steak +144 Shop 72
Candy Cane + 50 Holiday Drop 0
Candy Corn +10 Holiday Drop 0
Clean Water +1 Shop 150
Cooked Meat +90 Drop 39
Chocolate Bar +25 Holiday Drop 12
Crab Legs +9 Drop 2
Dead Rat +28 Holiday Drop 14
Dwarvish Paste +1 Drop 10
Eggnog +150 Holiday Drop 0
Elixir +376 Shop 188
Fishtail +126 Drop 63
Frothy Cider +108 Shop 54
Ghoul Gruel +72 Shop 29
Goat's Milk +36 Shop 13
Gum Drop +5 Holiday Drop 2
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