As was mentioned in the Cemetery area page, there is not much of a difference between the Crypt and the Cemetery. I have chosen to not combine the two into one area, like has been done in previous Shillas, because the map is complex enough to warrant it's own area page.

The entrance to the Crypt is through the Royal Mausoleum in the northwest section of the Cemetery. It does not have any special stat requirements.


Along with the creatures found in the Cemetery, you will find two new additions. The Nightstalker will be found throughout the area, while the Dead Knight is only located in two locations. Nightstalkers drop only the food Dwarven Paste that is used in Forges. Stay away from the Dead Knight for awhile, unless you want to die. They will kill you until you reach a Life in the thousands, not hundreds like you have now.


The Crypt
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Click HERE to go to the Crypt's main page.


You will gain more average experience and gold if you decide to train in the Crypt. It does add about 15 steps from the Cemetery Teleport Destination, so it might be a wash. The Nightstalker is harder to kill then the Skeleton Warriors, but not drastically harder.

Random Thoughts

I like killing different things and training in the Crypt is a change of scenery from the Cemetery. It does compound the low food drop rate by adding another creature to the mix, but with the solutions found on the Cemetery page this is overcome. Make up your own mind, I suppose. It might be six one way, half dozen the other.

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