Clothe Thyself


You appear at the Fountain naked as the day you were born. In Old Shilla you would wander thus until you either bought armor, picked up a Shimmering Cloak in the Vast Valley, or got your Silver Armor set in Drakmore Castle. This is not so in Redemption. For the first time the crabs drop more than Crab Legs. Your first quest, given to you by the Mayor who seems to have a problem with nudity, is to gather a complete set of Beach Armor. On your way down to the beach stop at the South Gate and click on the “Can I have some food, Mr. Guard” link. This will give you 10 Crab Legs. This only works if you currently have no food. You can either do this by killing all three crabs until you have collected all seven pieces of armor, or collect those pieces that may already be laying around. The mayor doesn’t seem to care how you are clothed, just that you are.


When you return to the Mayor he mentioned how badly you smell, but gives you 5000 experience. You also receive the Exploring Shillatown Part 1 quest.

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