The creepy, nasty, dark, and frustrating area called the Cemetery. You go from dealing with only two creatures to four. A massively low drop food drop rate because of the number of different creatures, and no nice armor to sell. Everything hits harder, with Skeleton Warriors hitting in the 225 range. Experience is better though.

The entrance to the Cemetery is found in the northwest corner of the Outskirts and requires 72, 80, or 88 Intelligence to enter, depending on race.


Four creatures live in the Cemetery. The Zombie has the only drop, Zombie Punch, with the Blob, Old Witch, and Skeleton Warrior as the other three creatures.


The Cemetery
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Training here before you are nearly 1-rounding is difficult because of the lack of food. Like the Vast Valley there are a few solutions to this problem.

  1. Buy Food - Its a solution, just not the best choice in my opinion. Click HERE to see the food price matrix page.
  2. Over-Train the Vast Valley - You can continue to train in the Vast Valley until you are almost, 100%, 1-rounding the Cemetery. The number of Zombie Punches you will receive isn't even enough to sustain training without getting hit.
  3. Target Only the Zombies- This solution is more time consuming, since you have to think about what creature to hit and not hit, but it does save your fatigue for only the food dropping Zombies. Even then… I think I've said "low food drop rate enough" by this point.
  4. Beam Me Up, Scotty Part 2 - I believe this solution is the one of the reasons that the food drop rate is so low. Raise your Wisdom to 150, spend 670000 experience at the Scroll Training Shop, and get your Mana up to 350 so that you can teleport in and out of the Cemetery. A nice, bouncing back and forth, training spot is 1 north of the teleport destination. Now you can save all the food you gather. Why 350 Mana when the Cemetery teleport destination only requires 250 Mana? Do you want to walk back to the Fountain? Teleporting back to the Fountain will cost you another 100 mana. So to make up the difference, or train some Wisdom, Intelligence, or Charisma.

Moving on to the Crypt

The only difference between the Cemetery and the Crypt is a longer walk from the teleport destination and a slight experience jump from killing Nightstalkers. You'll probably be focused on getting to the Druid Valley and that is a bigger jump. I was at 180 Strength and Constitution, 240 Dexterity before I was comfortable training there. A Gleaming Short Sword is a must by that point.

Random Thoughts

Yes the low food drop rate is a pain, but it was designed to be. With the combination of Over-Training the Vast Valley and Beam Me Up solutions I was able to avoid buying food. I also hadn't purchased any Jewelry, i.e. Glowing or Lightening Rings at this point. Those will help you get to the stats you need to 1-round consistently, but death becomes more costly as well. I'm still on the fence about moving on to the Crypt when you can. Someday I'll have a Training Progression Chart done and that will show whether the experience is worth the time. It really isn't that far of a walk from the Cemetery teleport destination.

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