The Beach

General Information

The Beach is the first training area for Shilla: Redemption, hence the easiest. It is located south of Shillatown, the only current entrance/exit leading directly to Shillatown, via the South Gate.


Four creatures make their home on the Beach. They are the Hermit Crab, Crab, Stone Crab, and the King Crab. Click HERE to see their information. All have a part to play in two of the first four available quests.


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The Beach
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Training Notes

Training in the Beach is short and sweet, considering any character created is strong enough to survive any hit from any of the first three crabs. Gather the Crab Legs from Hermit Crabs and Crabs, as well as the extra armor you find dropped. These can be sold at the Food Shop and the Armory for decent amounts of gold, considering the level. If you train near the entrance to Shillatown be careful to not accidentally attack the South Gate Guard. Training on King Grabs is not worth the time considering the amount of armor the creature has.

When to move to the Outskirts

To gain access to the Outskirts the character must have gained and completed the first four quests: Clothe Thyself, Exploring Shillatown Part 1, Exploring Shillatown Part 2, and Kill a King Crab As long as you didn't spend all your initial stat bonuses during character creation on mana stats you will be strong enough to survive hits from Outskirts creatures. With stats of 50 strength, 50 dexterity, and 50 constitution I was consistently 1-Rounding in the Outskirts, though not at 100%.

Random Thoughts

While it is not possible to "skip the beach" like in Old Shilla days, your stay can be short. With careful character creation a short hour long training session will be sufficient to gain enough grope or attacks to quickly move on to bats and gypsies.

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