Your character is going to get hit by the evil creatures that reside in Shilla: Redemption. Having your character armored will help soften the blow, reducing the amount of damage you take. Similar to weapons, armor can be purchased at shops, like the Armor Shop in Shillatown. Armor can also be found as a creature drop, like the Flotsam Armor set from the various Crabs found on the Beach. Below you will find the Percentage protection each of these armor pieces provides and a link to information on how to obtain them. "Shop" indicates that the armor can be purchased, "Drop" will take you to the page of the creature that drops the armor, while "Forge" will take you to the page showing the recipe of items needed to forge the armor.

For locations that sell armor go HERE. This is the same page as "Shop" found in the tables.
Note: RED means that piece of armor is the best available piece at this time.

Beginning Armors

Flotsam Armor Set
Name % Protection Where
Seaweed Wrap Headband 0.7 Drop
Woven Muck Shirt 0.7 Drop
Giant Crab Shell Shield 0.7 Drop
Eel Skin Neckguard 0.7 Drop
Seaweed Legwraps 0.7 Drop
Old Sandals 0.7 Drop
Crab Pincher Handguards 0.7 Drop
Complete Set 4.9
Leather Armor Set
Name % Protection Where
Leather Helm 1.4 Shop
Leather Shirt 1.4 Shop
Wooden Shield 1.4 Shop
Leather Neckband 1.4 Shop
Leather Pants 1.4 Shop
Leather Boots 1.4 Shop
Leather Gloves 1.4 Shop
Complete Set 9.8
Miscellaneous Armor Pieces
Name % Protection Where
Shimmering Cloak 1.4 Drop
Silver Chain Set
Name % Protection Where
Silver Chain Helm 2.14 Drop
Silver Chain Mail 2.14 Drop
Steel Enforced Shield 2.14 Drop
Silver Chain Neckband 2.14 Drop
Silver Chain Pants 2.14 Drop
Silver Chain Boots 2.14 Drop
Silver Chain Gauntlets 2.14 Drop
Complete Set 14.98%

Intermediate Armors

Green Scale Set
Name % Protection Where
Gold Crown 2.86 Drop
Green Scale Mail 2.86 Drop
Jade Flame Shield 2.86 Drop
Green Scale Neckband 2.86 Drop
Green Scale Pants 2.86 Drop
Green Scale Boots 2.86 Drop
Green Scale Gauntlets 2.86 Drop
Complete Set 20.02%
Pearl Armor Set
Name % Protection Where
Pearl Helm 4.28 Drop
Pearl Chestpiece 4.28 Drop
Forged Armor Set
Name % Protection Bonus Where
Silver Horned Helm 3.00 +5 Dex, +15 Wis Forge
Undead Breastplate 4.00 -20 Chr Forge
Scale Enforced Shield 3.00 +15 Dex Forge
Fitted Silver Neckband 3.00 +15 Chr Forge
Scale Covered Leggings 3.50 None Forge
Sticky Silver Boots 2.00 +10 Str/Con, -10 Dex Forge
Gauntlets of Dwarf Gunk 2.40 +1000% Inventory Size Forge
Complete Set 20.90%
Treasure Chest of the Gods Armor
Name % Protection Bonuses Where
Helmet of Salvation 1.00% +100 Con Drop
Breastplate of Righteousness 3.00% +100 Str Drop
Shield of Redemption 2.00% +100 Chr Drop
Neckband of the Light 1.00% +100 Wis Drop
Leggings of Spirit 2.00% +100 Int Drop
Sandles of the Divine 1.00% Nothing Drop
Gauntlets of Retribution 1.00% +100 Dex Drop
Complete Set 11.00%
Christmas 2010 Armor Piece
Name % Protection Where Notes
Santa's Hat 1.0 Holiday Drop +60 Dex, +50 Int, +200 Chr
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