Amulets are accessories that are worn around the neck of your character. They can be accessed in the Jewelry section of the Menu Window. Only one Amulet can be worn at a time.

Three amulets are currently available in the world of Shilla: Redemption. Two can be purchased at the Jewelry Shop in Shillatown and one is a creature drop. "Shop" will take you to the table below that will show the price matrix for sold amulets. Clicking 'Drop" will take you to the associated creature page.

Amulet Information

Name Bonuses Additional Abilities Where? Sell Value
Blue Amulet +10 Str None Drop 50
Amulet of the Apprentice +50 Wis None Shop ?
Black Amulet +50 Str None Shop ?
Pendant of the Damned -10 Wis/Int/Chr +80 Con Runes that state "ADMITS ONE, 329" on the back Halloween Hill Quest 2500
Eagle Talisman +50 Str, +100 Dex Unknown Drop ?

Amulet Price Matrix

Shillatown Jewelry Shop
Name to 50 100 125 150 175 200
Amulet of the Apprentice 7000 6847 6771 6695 6619 6543
Black Amulet 375000 366847 362771 358695 354619 210326
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