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February 5th, 2011

You want some updates? You got them. Had to ship the daughter off to my folks for the weekend to get them done, but that works.

Since the re-release I have…

  1. Changed various values throughout the wiki. This will be an ongoing process and won't be completed anytime soon.
  2. Updated the History section with the updates from the admin and design teams. Also added one of my own.
  3. Archived Redemption's Beta Quests to their own page.
  4. Added a new table to the Quests page that has all the quest information through Sewer related quests. Eventually I'll have to break quests into groups because of the number and frequency of them.
  5. Researched and added all the changes to the 17 races available, including starting stats, buffs, and abilities. They can be found HERE or in the blue section of the sidebar menu. Will be interesting to see what a Hobbit's Tunneling ability will do, but why don't Dwarfs have the same ability?
  6. Added all the information I have on the spells, almost all anyway. I'm still researching damage values. Haven't confirmed exact wisdom requirements, hence the < (less than) symbol in front of 100. Those changes can be found HERE or in the blue section of the sidebar menu.

That about covers it.

Happy Hunting,


February 3rd, 2011

A lot of talk of wanting to get the wiki up to date tonight in chat. This isn't my helpsite, though I feel that I should have some say in format. My only goal is to have accurate information posted on here. If you want to help you can post info in the forum, or by joining by clicking on the big red join the team button in the sidebar. Members have complete access to creating and editing pages.

I do ask that you DON'T delete any pages, or completely change a page, without notifying me first. There are some parts, such as the beta quests, that I want saved for historical reasons. I would also ask that you leave front page updates to me. I promise to always give credit where credit is due. There is a "recent changes" list that tells me exactly what has been changed, and who did them.

I can only gather information if I have access to it. I can't get access to information without progressing in the game. I cannot progress in the game without playing the game, so right now I'm using what limited time I have playing.

This pool is free… jump right in.

Happy Hunting,


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